Executive Search

The demand for high performing executives is constant as the industry and leadership evolve. Identifying, attracting and placing the right candidates takes an excellent understanding of the market place, competitive landscape, business environments and an ultracareful assessment to ensure a proper executive placement of high performing candidates who are able to evolve and adapt in their positions and industries as well as meet the unique needs and objectives of your company. To ensure a quality executive search, AfricSearch follows a 4 steps approach:


– Define the perimeter of the assignment and the position.
– Establish the research strategy.
– Get the client’s agreement on the content of the position and the search strategy.
– Start the research on the basis of what has been defined with the client.


– Present the candidates to the client
– Advise in the negotiation
– Proceed with the professional reference checks
– Follow up with the integration of the candidate in the company


– Identify target companies
– Approach potential candidates
– Communicate regularly with the client on the progress of the assignment
– Regularly communicate with the client on the evolution of the mission


– Interview the candidates
– Assess the candidates
– Motivate the candidate to consider the position