HR Performance

We offer human resource consulting services in three areas of expertise: HR Audit, Skills Assessment, and the Design of HR management tools

Through HR Audits, AfricSearch provides clients with an overall assessment of their company’s social dynamics and human resources management, particularly within the context of organizational change. AfricSearch works to ensure functional HR operations, recruitment process and training processes amongst other things. It works to ensure that all HR systems comply with the law and are efficient in guiding the business towards reaching their goals and objectives.

Skill Assessment ensure continued productivity by the workforce and the organization at large. Identifying the right skills of the work force is advantageous and can help businesses identify their strengths and weakness. This also helps companies identify skills gaps. Through Skills Assessments, AfricSearch designs individual or collective processes to evaluate employee skills according to organizational requirements to ensure continued people and organizational performance.

• Job Descriptions
• Compensation grids
• Evaluation processes
• HR processes digitalization